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FREEAGENCY Fridays continue with the release of ‘In My World’ by Zilla: Listen

Photo: Courtesy of the artist
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Everyone wants to love and be loved, and Zilla never holds back with letting fans know he’s not too tough to acknowledge that. This week for FREEAGENCY Fridays, Zilla showcases his creativity, as well as, his genre-bending versatility, sharing his exciting new single, ‘In My World’. This track is a declaration of desire for his longed-for love interest. The upbeat production, adds an exciting element and hopefulness to the passion he feels, as he invites her into his world. This track provides a fun listen, and if you’re up for it, may get you out your seats dancing.

FREEAGENCY continues to put out exciting music, and Zilla’s ‘In My World’ falls nothing short. Listen to ‘In My World’ by Zilla below.



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