Zeus Beard: Beard Care To The Rescue

I love a man with a tamed, facial blanket.

I love a man with a tamed, facial blanket.



If you’re new to the idea of a thing called “#beardgang,” you’re not utilizing your social media competence as much as I am and you should become socially docile. Let’s play catch up, right now, because time isn’t friendly: Gentlemen around the world of all colours, shapes, sizes and sexualities celebrate their masculinity by growing facial hair and wearing it like badges of honor. Ironically within these virtual-social realms, the bald and inferior are steadily reminded about their subjective flaws. In short, if you are not flaunting an audacious clump of follicle shrubs on your baby-assed cheeks, chin and tubercle, you’re probably not a man’s man. Shit, then that can only mean one thing. If having a beard makes you a man, then she’s definitely a “bro.”

Moving right along before my last sentence starts to burn, this awesome brand for beard enthusiasts consists of beard oils, beard shampoos and beard conditioners. If you purchase one of six beard kits, you’ll get an assortment of useful items including combs, brushes and other grooming tools. Not too shabby, huh? Testimonials and how-to videos aside, Zeus Beard seems to be a trustworthy brand to give a chance and possibly standby.

I’ll back that up.


According to a guy who looks a lot like Santa, the Zeus Beard “oil works wonders on his beard from smell to touch” and a California native who could totally pass for a Williamsburg transplant shared “I was surprised at how fast the oil worked. The day after I started using it, I already felt a difference in manageability and softness in my beard. Not only does it make your beard healthier, but it smells great too. I’d recommend this product to anyone who has facial hair and doesn’t use any essential oils for sure.”

Doesn’t this product seem awesome? Lumbersexuals rejoice! Here’s some bonus text for you: A guy named Toby from Oregon says it “keeps the dandruff away.” Yuck slash yay, and you’re in luck. Next month (January 5-6), Zeus Beard will join Agenda in Long Beach to showcase their line of beard care products. They are a premiere beard care brand for the active and adventurous man with a complete line of beard care products guaranteed to keep your beard or mustache looking and feeling great. In addition, they’re beard profiles are pretty spectacular and because I want you to read one: Check out the mesmerizing profile on Antonio “Trig” Perez, he’s so badass.

For more about Zeus Beard and its ability to reduce skin irritation, visit this link.

Written by Richardine Bartee

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