#5NewVideos to get you through the week 27: (Zaytoven, Jay 305)

This week’s #5NewVideos list consists of Zaytoven, Jay 305, Footwerk, and more.

This week’s #5NewVideos list consists of Zaytoven, Jay 305, Footwerk, and more.


Zaytoven – Left Da Bank featuring Young Dolph (Submitted)

This week, Zaytoven dropped the official visual for “Left Da Bank” featuring the lyrically exciting Young Dolph. Some of the stand-out statements he made in the song are that his girlfriend is so thick it’s a shame, he doesn’t like rappers, and that he cannot do anything with a wallet. The significance and symbolism of the ice cream are pertinent, because of the gelato reference. I hope I don’t have to explain that reference to anyone.

Known for his outstanding prose on trap beats, Young Dolph was the best person to pair with for the first single on “Trap Holizay.”

Who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of leaving the bank with cash in your hands and more in your bank accounts? “Left Da Bank” is the first single to be released from Zaytoven’s debut album on Motown/Familiar Territory Records in 2018.

Recently, Young Dolph faced a near-death experience in Los Angeles. I am happy to know that the Memphis-based rapper is in good health. He was released from the hospital yesterday.

FHB – Bag (Submitted)

Mystery, in the music industry, never hurt anybody, or has it? Regardless of its truth or what you think, a Los Angeles-based group called, FHB, entered the scene. FHB’s message is a fun one, but counting out sex isn’t something most humans are willing to do. Personally, billions could be in my bank account, and when I am ready to unwind and freak, I will. Check out the choreographed video for the group below directed by Director Vaughn. It is the second single from their debut EP.

Jay 305 – When You Say featuring Omarion (Personal)

In proper player fashion, a young woman two-times Jay 305 and Omarion in the “When You Say” video. Unfortunately, the end isn’t as forgiving. You’d think they would have ridden off into the Southern California sunset together. I wonder how many women think of doing the same thing to their cheating partners.

Footwerk – Retrograde (Submitted)

As I listened to the song “Retrograde” by Footwerk, I felt like they hit the right notes. The upbeat vibes and matching lyrics compelled me to plan a wild adventure with my best friends. Their vocals add to the warm and carefree tone of this track giving it that Pop-meets-EDM sound. When I think about it, Footwerk’s sound is a mix of Khalid and Alesso meets DJ Snake.

And as much as I enjoy the song’s amusing lyrics, some of the lines can come off as cliché or even corny. Nonetheless, the record is entertaining, catchy, and relatable. I could hear it on the radio, with regular rotation. Personally, I wonder how “Retrograde” song sounds live. If it is similar, the group could be onto something.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a song to groove to and dance away your worries—maybe even flashbacks of how you “tore it down” this Summer—“Retrograde” will take you there. (Jazzlyn Kirkland)

Jaes – Breathless featuring Demetri, Daman ((I)), Briana Ebony, Anna D’Anae (Submitted)

After watching this official video for “Breathless,” it makes you wonder if freedom of speech is a good thing. Especially, when people use their rights to undermine others or to make light of injustices linked to racism. Watch the video addresses untimely deaths of African-American people in the United States.


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