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Review: Zaritza pours passion into the pot of her self-titled LP

Zaritza's cover art
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

As soon as the album starts with ‘That Girl’, Zaritza says she doesn’t want to settle down. Untamed in her messaging, the New York City singer makes it clear that she’s in control of her life. On the following track, she covers ‘Heart-Shaped Box’ by the legendary Nirvana, a band that has inspired me in many ways. As far as her vocal delivery, I think it was better, here. I could also tell that she’s bilingual. Her accent comes through. Over the course of the album, you will learn that the artist is carefree (‘Diseased’), capable of loving someone else (‘Walk Away’) and gets possessive (‘Burn Into Me’).

Passion is something that I can identify with as an intense person, who knows how to tap into the depths of love. Therefore, I understand.

To be honest, I think the vocals on the album aren’t the best representation of her. Nonetheless, the themes of the music are relatable. I look forward to her vocal progression, so her creativity isn’t stifled by a capped performance.

My favourite songs are ‘Talk Show Host’ and ‘Crossroads’, performed in Russian. I think both songs are the best display of her vocals on this album. To me, she sounds most comfortable when singing in Russian. Stream the self-titled album now to hear it for yourself.

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