Premiere: Brooklyn novelty Zandra Kaye shares official video for ‘Garden’ (Make It Green)



GIF from Zandra Kaye's Garden video


hen we think about singers, in general, in 2018, people with Zandra Kaye’s style doesn’t come to your mind right away. With the revolution of vocoders and the era of digitally enhancing an “alright” vocal, people who lack and dream of achieving her range are handsomely rewarded. For clarity’s sake: My intention isn’t to make one group of people feel lesser than the others, but the truth is the truth.

Last night in SoHo, Zandra Kaye’s fans and friends enjoyed a preview of the video via projector, and an intimate performance of the single, as they consumed food and drinks. We didn’t feel like we were in New York City. The atmosphere was relaxing; fitting to the vibe of the well-produced record. Today, the Brooklyn-native singer-songwriter exclusively shares the official music video for her single, ‘Garden’ (Make It Green). Watch the symbolic visual below.