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#5NewTracks to get you through the week: (Zaitex, Godlands)

This week’s #5NewVideos list consists of Zaitex, Nick de la Hoyde, Godlands, and more.

This week’s #5NewVideos list consists of Zaitex, Nick de la Hoyde, Godlands, and more.

Acaddamy – Temperature Rising (Jared Marston Mix) (Submission)

Have you ever been on the dancefloor with two-thousand people? Do you know what it feels like to sweat with that many strangers? It feels like you aren’t alone. Hear Jared Marston’s mix of Acaddamy’s record, “Temperature Rising” now to activate that feeling.

Zaitex – Light It Up (Submission)

When’s the last time your Trap sounded like it was drowning? Slovakian producer Zaitex uses those muffled sounds to kick off “Light It Up.” Then, he switches it up and increases the tempo. Stream the new fun track now.

Woes – Airplane Mode (Submission)

Dealing with accusations of pessimism and harsh realities, Chicago-based rapper Woes tells a personal story inspired by his past. Stream the easy-listening track now. It’s from his brand new album titled, “The In-Between.”

Nick de la Hoyde – Hold Me Close (Submission)

Australian singer-songwriter and rapper Nick de la Hoyde released “Hold Me Close” not too long ago. Though he doesn’t rap on this track, the bilingual singer does show displays public affection. We’re looking forward to watching the official video. Don’t hold out, Nick.

Godlands – Hit Em Like This (Submission)

If we heard this track come on in a dim-lit room, we would lose our minds. Godlands, the Australian producer-DJ, is upcoming Bass/Trap producer with a lovely face and ocean blue hair. Play “Hit Em Like This” right now. It’s an explosive EDM track.

Love Science Music – Champions featuring Bajah and Mpande (Submission) (Bonus)

You can seldom go wrong with Reggae or Dub. That’s enough reason to stream New York City producer Love Science Music’s new track, “Champions.” Its galactic rap break at the end is bound to drive you wild.

Written by Manny King John



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