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Brooklyn rapper Yvng Capo releases ‘Harvard Students’ visual featuring Mel Doro: Watch

Brooklyn-based rapper Yvng Capo releases the visual for ‘Harvard Students’ which features Queens-bred rapper, Mel Doro. The visual is set within a college lecture room, wherein one scene Yvng Capo is lecturing through rap to a group of students, and in another scene, he is found in an apartment room with Mel Doro and some women smoking, twerking, and having a good time. Mel Doro joins in the visual as a school dean, calling out a student over the PA system to come to his office, which seems to be his normal order of business as he is found fraternizing with the students in his office.

The visual contains quite a bit of comical elements, adding to the song’s already exciting and energetic nature. Both artists on the track boast about their accomplishments both in the grind, rap and with women. Check out the visual for Yvng Capo’s ‘Harvard Students’ featuring Mel Doro, below.


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