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Yung Baby Tate: ‘I don’t send hate back to the haters’

A: If you could say anything to those haters what would it be?

T: They need to know someone loves them. And it’s not me. I don’t send hate back to the haters. They have enough hate already in them. So I don’t send it back. It’s like, whatever. You have nothing to do.

A: That’s admirable. You have a song that’s different thematically than a lot of stuff on ‘Cuddy Buddy’ and even ‘ROYGBIV’. On ‘Sad’, you have a line where you say, “My skin ain’t see through but it ain’t that thick.” That’s such a departure from songs like ‘Bob’ where you have this “I am that bitch” mentality and attitude.

T: Yeah.

A: So which do you feel is more along the lines of what you’re normally feeling? Is that common for you to go there?

T: Honestly, I just be making music. Everything is a real feeling, a real emotion, a real moment that I capture through music. ‘Sad’ is something I was actually going through. Where I said, “My skin ain’t see through but it ain’t that thick,” it’s like, I do walk around like I’m that bitch. Maybe you think that it’s cool to just poke through me because you think my skin is see-through but it’s really not that fucking thick, damn. You know.

A: I really love that song a lot.

T: Thank you. That’s one of my favourite songs because it’s so truthful and so honest and it really took a lot for me to even be that vulnerable on a track and to put it out, honestly. But I felt like I needed to, I felt like my fans needed to hear it and a lot of people really resonate with it so I’m really happy that people fuck with that song.

A: Conversely, your sense of humour is really unique and apparent throughout your work. Where does that come from?

T: My sense of humour just comes from my lifestyle. I’m really a funny person. All of my friends are funny as fuck so I just gather [from there]. Even with ‘Bob’. That whole song. I made that song off of this meme that I saw, it was so funny. I was cracking up and I was showing my friend. Then I just like started writing a verse like “Bob the builder looking ass nigga. All up in my mixture tryna take a picture.” It was just like you know. We’re funny. You’re funny. I’m just a funny person. I like to laugh and I like to make other people laugh. I like doing that with my music because I like to bring people joy. Even with ‘Sad’, I didn’t want to put that out at first because I was like, “Man, I don’t want to make people sad.” The beat was kind of like “Oh okay, I can still bop to this.”

A: It is. I was thinking that. Even with all the difficult things you rap about on ‘Sad’, it’s almost kind of upbeat sonically, to where if you only heard that it doesn’t necessarily have to be about that.

T: Yes, definitely.

A: Moving forward, ‘Boys’ is the name of the project dropping next?

T: Yes, ‘Boys’ is coming out in May. I’m really excited about it.

A: What can we expect to hear on that?

T: ‘Boys’ is really a letter to pretty much all of the male species I’ve come in contact within the past year. Everything that niggas think they know, but they don’t know, but they need to know. That’s what we’re gonna hear. I’m really excited about it. It’s just dope. I’m excited.

A: As are the tater tots. What do you think the biggest misconception about you is as a person and also an artist?

T: I think the biggest misconception about me as a person is… Gosh. I honestly don’t even pay attention to how people perceive me. I feel like people are gonna take what you give them and twist it however they want to see you anyway. So I don’t really know. I think people’s biggest misconception might be that I’m one-dimensional. Or that I’m just some rapper that raps about dick. Like, no, I can do everything.

A: You have the range, essentially.

T: Yes, honey. I have the range, okay? I think that’s probably the biggest misconception. People think, “Oh, you know, you can just do this one thing.” I think I posted a video of me singing and people were like, “Oh my gosh, you can sing?” And I’m like what? You didn’t know that?

A: They’re not the day one fans.

T: That’s pretty much it, but everyone will know everything in due time I feel like. I don’t try to rush things. I don’t try to force anything.

A: That’s a lesson a lot of people are still learning. Who are your fashion influences?

T: Definitely 90’s [Lil] Kim, for sure. Definitely a little bit of Spice Girls. Definitely a little bit of Bratz [Dolls]. A little bit of Gwen Stefani. She a had real cute little style, but I really just like to look cute and I love colours.

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