5@5: A morning playlist featuring Yukon Blonde, The Zealots, and more

This 5@5 morning playlist consists of Chris Morrissey, Yukon Blonde, The Zealots, and more.

Photo: Courtesy of the artists
Photo: Courtesy of the artists

Chris Morrissey – The Inventor (Submission)

Emerging from a dark cave to walk through a hilly landscape, in what seems to be in the middle of nowhere, the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter croons about a distant individual. Verily, the snow on the ground matches the overall minimalistic yet dramatic tempo of the production. One could argue that Morrissey’s vocals against the heartbeat of the drummer’s head clashes aren’t for the instrumentation, but I think it works. It is like a disruptive wakeup call.

The artist plays Rockwood Music Hall on Sunday night, May 8 at 9 o’clock. Watch the official video for ‘The Inventor’ below. It is the first music video for Chris Morrisey, directed by Zeke O’Donnell. Here’s a fun fact: Josh Dion, a drummer who played for Paris Monster and Esperanza Spaulding’s band album is on ‘The Inventor’. He also plays on Chris Morrissey’s nine-track album, ‘Laughing and Laughing’.

BLVTH x TAIIME – POLICE (Submission)

In North America, the word ‘police’ trigger ill thoughts for people of colour. So, when I saw the visual come in for the trio, I had personal reservations. What I will say about the musical trio, is that they don’t execute their visuals like everyone else. They have gone far enough to create what they refer to as ‘a neon-soaked alternative future’ where problems like air pollution and black markets exist, too.

Unlike the planet we live, there’s a black market for oxygen in their female-run universe. Heating up a small studio in Kreuzberg with insane amounts of adrenaline, local men come to blows in a red-lit room—which is often synonymous with danger and emergency—to make a quick buck.

Watch the visual below for the Contemporary R&B trio’s new song. Whoever did the colour correction for ‘POLICE’ should be hired all the time. It is well done. Watch the official video from their debut album, Tokyo Run, now. Felix Aaron, a Berlin-based director and videographer, directed it.

Yukon Blonde – Love The Way You Are (Submission)

To be frank, I wouldn’t mind hearing ‘Love The Way You Are’ every morning. I played the track before knowing what inspired the Indie Rock record. According to one band member, Jeffrey Innes, men, often took creative ideas from her—without giving her credit. Unfortunately, I can identify with the unnamed woman. Thankfully, there is an upside. Not only does Yukon Blonde’s song restore the idea of loving someone filled with imperfections and baggage; It inspires wiggling. So, whatever it is that may hold you back from getting something that you want, overcome it. You’re worth it. More than likely, if it is a person, they may not comply. However, they may respect your bravery. In the long run, you will feel good about yourself, too.

The Canadian band will play Toronto’s CBC Music Festival on May 26. If you’re around, support them and the others in the lineup.

Artificial Pleasure – On A Saturday Night (Submission)

How amazing are Artificial Pleasure’s music videos? Not only does it take me back to the infamous synths of 80s Electronic music, but the visuals that Terrence Donovan, an English film director and photographer, became famous for in the 1960s. Famously, he oversaw two videos by Robert Palmer, ‘Addicted to Love’ and ‘Simply Irresistible’. ‘On A Saturday Night’ took eighteen hours to shoot in a warehouse.

The frontman, Phil McDonnell, was buried alive as the rest of the band animated the objects that move around and eventually submerge him. Also, according to the notes I received about the production of the video, McDonnell had to lip-sync the song in reverse! There were 2,600 still images to edit when they were complete!

Andrew Nolan, the director, shared the following about the video:

“Inspired by the photography of Cindy Sherman and Keith Arnatt, the video for ‘On A Saturday Night’, and the song itself, both focus on escaping into the imagination,” says McDonnell. “Much like in our collaboration with Andrew Nolan for the ‘Wound Up Tight video’, where I was suspended upside down, pelted with cream, beer and slaps in a single take, we were keen to explore the concept of endurance.”

Nolan adds, “The dreamlike reverse-burial concept came about as Phil and I were discussing one of the ideas behind the song: a yearning for experiences and adventures, and we wondered what proportion of our lives are we truly living. Aesthetically we were inspired by the American conceptual artist Cindy Sherman, specifically her Untitled Horrors series where everyday objects take on a sinister air under a pallid neon light. And we’re both massive fans of Jan Švankmajer’s surreal stop-motion films so they definitely played a part too.”

When you are enjoying sleep as a person with a regular job, you don’t want it to end. You are warm, comfortable, and indulging. Saturday Night, for most, means that you don’t have to wake up to rush to work. It is Friday, so it is time to begin the siesta. I’ll meet you on the other side!

The Zealots – Sledge (Submission)

It takes a brave person to make music in another genre. You can risk the chance of isolating or losing fans. Sometimes, the transition isn’t seamless. We won’t get into details here. However, we have seen several examples of failed attempts.

Thankfully, that isn’t the case with the Bettendorf, Iowa-based band The Zealots. The Zealots is to credit for the newfound glory, but Micah Martin, one of five members, has evenly transitioned from Electronic Dance Music into Hard Rock.

Plus, it pays to be this beautiful! Have you seen all of the band members in the band? They are all pictured above. Lastly, have you heard their new song, ‘Sledge’? You shouldn’t hold off any longer. We are inviting you to stream the audio below.

AnastasiaMAX – Brat (Submission) (Bonus)

Check out the latest release by the brother-sister duo, AnastasiaMAX, below. The Boca Raton, Florida-natives represent the people who are trying to find their way, get their head right. The piping hot track comes from their new EP entitled, ‘The Haunt’. Stream Anastasia Brenner and MAX’s six-track EP through this link.

Written by Richardine Bartee

Her unprejudiced love for people, the arts, and business have taken her this far. Join Richardine on her journey as she writes history into existence, one article at a time. Richardine is a member of the Recording Academy/GRAMMYs, and a GRAMMY U Mentor. She is the North American Press Agent and US Business Manager for Oxlade; Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.


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