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5@5: A morning playlist featuring Youngblood, Aries, and more

This 5@5 morning playlist consists of Youngblood, Jon Moodie, Aries, and more. Stream the audio for each song on GRUNGECAKE.

Aries' cover art for 'SAYONARA'
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Youngblood – Better When You’re Close (Submission)

Imagine living for someone else’s touch. What would it mean for yours as a separate entity? Is that what marriage is? Is it living for the moments your partner embraces you with affection? Is wanting to want to hang on and not let go a sign of codependency? When some of us fall in love, we behave as if we are disabled. It may not be what ‘Better When You’re Close’ is solely about, but that’s what it feels like it wants to convey. ‘Better When You’re Close’ is the lead single from the Youngblood’s forthcoming EP. There’s no date, as far as we know, but it will be out sometime this Summer. Why wait until it is ninety degrees in New York City? Boost your lover playlist now with the addition of the Canadian musical outfit’s new song. Then, watch the official music video below to start your morning.

Jon Moodie – Get What You Want (Submission)

At first, when I listened to ‘Get What You Want’, Jon Modie’s reminded me of the old saying ‘Fake it til you make it.’ As planned, the rich keep getting richer (according to the lyrics of the music). Others are getting poorer and poorer, so what do we do? We take a shot in the dark until we get what we want. What does that mean? It means that we, people who are outcasts or unknown, can change their situations with diligence and faking the funk. There’s no life jacket. No Plan B. So, wake up. Get out of bed to change the rest of your life!

Aries – SAYONARA (Submission)

Waking up to a light voice like Aries’, never harmed anyone. At least, that’s what I think. I can’t see the WUNDERWORLD artist making me flinch from my sleep. In accordance to that idea, as the words to the song suggests, staying out of reach is another way to not ‘harm’ anyone. The truth is ‘SAYONARA’ has a lullaby-like sound, capable of making you fall asleep or putting you in a dream state, so you will also be out of the way. I don’t know if it is intentional, but the song induces sleep.

JON VINYL – Storm (Submission)

Weathering any storm is difficult. Also, seperating from someone you love, in the midst of it, doesn’t make it easier. I’ve been there. I still think about that person—every day. Over time, your heart and mind learn to cope, but when you love someone as much as I love this person, you live with them in your heart forever. In all honesty, most people wouldn’t let it be at that, but when you love someone, you have to give them their space [to grow].

Add ‘Storm’ to your morning to help you deal with harsh realities and let downs early in the morning. Sometimes, it is good to come to terms with the hardest parts of your life during the day, so you don’t keep it on your chest at night. Only the strongest of us will survive multiple heartbreaks.

Ro Ransom – Floetry featuring Kensei Abbot (Submission)

Ro Ransom and I go way back. Back when I made print magazines of GRUNGECAKE, we interviewed. Then, during my time at The Source, I wrote an article about him, but I got into ‘deep’ trouble for it. No one can stop what the universe, Allah, or God has designed, though, so here we are now. Ro is taking his career full throttle. Kicking off his latest track ‘Floetry’ with a light LL Cool J-esque tone, he raps about racism, laced drugs, hoes, and jokers. Personally, I think his professional metamorphism is impressive. We, as a team, are looking forward to more exciting future releases from Ro Ranson. Until then, check out ‘Floetry’ featuring Kensei Abbot.


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