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Stream Young Buck’s new ten-track project ‘Compulsive’


Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Memphis, Tennessee legend Young Buck, from the start of his new project ‘Compulsive’, talks about being blackballed and demands to know where his check is. The piano keys on ‘Club Sensations’ reminds me of Future’s ‘Jumping on a Jet’. The next record (‘Skyscraper’) talks about someone who loses everything and turns to robberies to make a living. It isn’t a commendable lifestyle, but for some, they feel it is their only way for survival (See: Cardi B).

‘No Pain’ details a sad truth about wanting to be numb, perhaps, so he doesn’t have to deal with his seeming wild reality. Unfortunately, I’ve had my experiences with people who have abused substances for similar reasons.

Although this is a review summary for new music—if you are someone with direction and positivity surrounding you, and if you’re able to sit with and touch Young Buck, assuming he needs help, talk to him. Let him know that you care and that you understand him. If he’s comfortable with you, take it a step further and offer to go to counselling with him. He has been through a lot in the public eye. Most of us aren’t as famous as he is, and we also can benefit from seeing someone. No one is above repairing their health. All of us can use it, every day.

Overall, the rapper lays it all out on the table, seemingly sharing his life with anyone’s who’s willing to listen. The project’s snappy production includes contributions from Young Steph, Greedy Money, Steveaux DaVinci, and Ghost. Listen to the trenchant ten-track effort below.

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