YG parodies Donald Trump in his new ‘Jealous’ video: Watch

Just when you thought YG couldn’t troll Trump anymore, he tops it with his new visuals where he has a fake Trump dressed up mocking him. The intro of the video shows a man playing the piano who is later shown to be president Trump. After the beat drops the mock up Trump starts dancing and throwing up gang signs. The mockery continues when dancers flood the oval office and twerking everywhere. Donald starts throwing cash around the office for the dancers, while the satire continues. 

In the midst of all the controversy happening with Trump recently disclosing he only paid $750 in taxes, YG took the opportunity to emphasize it by flashing the words “I Don’t Pay Taxes” in the video.

YG captured every detail down to a T with the signature MAGA hat saying as the mock up Trump stood in front of the American flag degrading it. All jokes aside, the video ended encouraging people to “GO VOTE” with the election weeks away. See video below.

Written by Manny King John

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