Review: Yaysh uses music to communicate storylines of acceptance, equality, and liberation



Ironically, depending on your personal views, when getting to know someone it is like peeling off one garment at a time. The more someone knows, the more skin revealed—thus becoming naked if you allow them to get that close.

In the visual for Yaysh’s title track, she makes it clear that she is comfortable in her skin, into men and women, they can be Black, or whatever she’s into at that time. As the song suggests, baring your soul is the only way to get to know someone.

The uncensored not-safe-for-work version of Yaysh’s video is at the bottom of the page.

She may not be the cup of tea or coffee for straight-edge people. I think that’s fine. However, if you look at the message, alone, you may understand her intentions beyond the music. She chose to use her music to communicate storylines of acceptance, equality, and liberation. Of course, I don’t know her personally, but it’s what I’ve gotten from the content.

“We deserve to celebrate our bodies and our beauty and sexuality and feel at home with who we are. We don’t need to be ashamed”, says the artist.

Denver-based recording artist Yaysh’s six-track EP is a funky mixed genre outfit that explores sexuality, love, and more. Stream the colourful in-your-face ‘G2KM’ (an acronym for ‘Get 2 Kno Me’) below.

‘Daep’, the opening track, is the standout track reviewed by prestigious outlets like Huffington Post, Paste Magazine, and more. On ‘Twisted’, she displays singing vocals that may take you by surprise. The following track ‘Bitch I’m the Shit’ continues that style and brings her rapping back into the soundscape. ‘Fuck Jam’ travels to the popular sound of the times, production wise.

At first listen, as a Hip-Hop fan, you may not know how to digest the gender fluid Colorado-native, but ‘PB&J’ is the track to understand her artistically. She’s silly. I’m not sure if she’s mixed race, but you might hear her say the notorious, controversial n-word in the song. Personally, ‘Get 2 Kno Me’ is my favourite track, sonically. It isn’t perfect, vocal wise, but I enjoy the vibe it creates.