Yay or Nay: Flesh Chair By Nanna Kiil

Nanna Kiil, a student at the prestigious Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, recently unvieled a rather unique chair that was inspired by the body shape of an obese person. Kiils, who is studying in the realm of design, wanted to take on an aesthetic view of how we view the shape of someone who is obese. The flesh colored chair, that resembles a fat suit, is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. American society frowns defiantly at obesity and shows utter disdain for those who’s body shapes are similar to the inspiration behind the design of the chair and it is rather interesting to see how an artist from the other side of the world views obesity. It appears as if Nanna Kiils, through her creation, brings light to how many people view fuller figures as attractive and tender.  

The shape of the chair is rather unique and appears to be rather comfortable due to the soft cushions and memory foam like shape. The chair also resembles a shar pei dog, which Kiils also names as one of the strongest inspirations behind the design. I value the piece’s artistic direction and love the aesthetic position Nanna Kiils is willing to take on the issue of obesity. I think that Nanna Kills created a piece that is unique with an amazing message that corresponds!

Verdict: Yay!

1. It looks like the most comfortable seat you will ever sit on in your life!
2. Shar pei dogs are cute as hell.
3. Imagine if it were available in different colors! Love!

Written by Manny King John

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