Y-Key Operators ask “What’s Real Anymore?” (Review)

Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

It’s a good Pop song. Do we need more Pop songs?


Y-Key Operators' "What's Real Anymore?" cover art
Photo: Courtesy of the publicist


t is my first writing attempt with a slight concussion. More on this later.

Blunt rolled, ice pack on my face, my English Bulldog Tink Tink at my feet. I wonder if he feels a genetic kinship with YKO?

The Y-Key Operators were spawned in Manchester, England and me and Tink Tink settle in to listen to their new single “What’s Real Anymore?”

It is a universal truth that Manchester is the bastard child of English music cities. Liverpool has forever commandeered its thunder. The fucking Beatles. And if you plan on dropping “Oasis” to win this argument, don’t.

The song begins with a punishing bass intro that reminds me of the punches I took to the face last night. Two little bitches tried to rob me. Fortunately, my armor (of alcohol and cocaine) created a protective cocoon around me. They hit like girls, but my head is swimming right now.

Then comes the heady-swirly-twangy guitar bits; British singing bits. The song is only two minutes long so there is not much I can pull from this sample size. It is a good Pop song. Do we need more Pop songs?

The concussion is taking over. What the fuck do I know? Download the song and spend two minutes of your life, listening and decide. Tink Tink didn’t make a noticeable reaction to the music, but he has no class.

Live Dates:

June 17 – Another Fine Fest, Ulverston
August 12 – Underground, Bradford

Read more about Y-Key Operators

From the heart of Manchester, YKO has been entertaining packed venues across the city since 2014. Their energetic live stage shows, coupled with their synth-driven unique brand of Indie-Rock has earned them a reputation as one of the scenes freshest and most vibrant bands.

With echoes of New Order, The Smiths and The Stone Roses influences resonating through their music, YKO put their own stamp on the genre with floating bass lines and hefty guitar. 2017 is the Year YKO are looking to spread the word far and wide across the UK and beyond, and bring their unique take on the Manchester sound to a town near you.


Written by Manny King John


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