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Rising star Y Chibi shows he’s ready for the world with ‘Big Dawg’: Listen

Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

The seventeen-year-old North Dallas-native, Y Chibi, has been on fire this past year. After the independent release of his first project, ‘Pain-Tence’, Y Chibi has amassed hundreds of thousands of streams and a loyal following. This proves this young man is on his way to stardom. With his latest track, ‘Big Dawg’, he details his trials and tribulations as he navigates the streets with his bros. The song comes in with a melodic guitar and piano that’s subtly carried by an eerie ‘sci-fi’ synth. When the beat drops, Y Chibi comes in hot with a catchy hook filled with triumph, reflection, and determination.

Big Dawg
I gotta stand tall
Even on that corner posted thinking that he can’t fall
We was starving with nothing, thinking we can’t ball

Y Chibi’s energy provides the raw pain, fire and passion that we need in music. Although still a teenager, life forced Y Chibi to become a man at a grown age and the maturity reflects in the music. It’s going to be a great year for him, keep your eyes peeled.

Editor’s Note (March 19, 2021, 9:45 PM EST): Y Chibi has released the official music video for ‘Big Dawg’ since this article was published.

Written by Jeffrey Deon Chambers

Jeffrey Deon Chambers is a 23-year-old photojournalist and visual artist from Queens, New York. Since a young one, he developed a knack for writing and a limitless love for music. His ears know no boundaries. From the enticing vocals of Andrea Bocelli, to the genius production from the fingertips of MF DOOM, Deon constantly finds himself inspired. Aside from music and visuals, Deon is a movie enthusiast and foodie.