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WWW: Women We Worship: Ella Hussle

Do you ever go online and wonder about the women on your screen? Then, you start to wonder what else is there to know, besides the pictures you’ve been staring at for most of your day. There are many women on the web, and naturally, I’ve become very curious about them. It could be because women are so motivational, especially when they come together. I’m not knocking a man’s hustle, but I think we women need recognition. Being called a thot shouldn’t be our only aspiration. With that being said, our Editor at GrungeCake and myself have been speaking about showcasing women (all over the world) that inspire and motivate us for quite some time. That’s why when the Editor emailed me about working on a new column WWW: Women We Worship, I jumped on it without thinking twice.

I sat here, thinking that women come from all walks of life and each of them carry an impeccable essence. Nowadays, at our advantage, we can are inspired by women — locally and internationally via the internet. It’s a little different now than it was back then. However, the principle behind being a hardworking-inspirational woman never fades. The beauty of a woman is not just their looks but, by the way, they carry themselves, their go-getting ways, and their growth on a daily basis.

One of our first women to be showcased in the new column WWW: Women We Worship is the self-taught DJ Ella Hussle. From dropping out of school as a fashion major to adapting from different states to permanently moving to New York, Ella’s love for music is also the means in which she wishes to create or express herself. Recently, she released a mix called “Daylight Marauder.” You can also find her joining forces with other women in the business to release a forthcoming project called, “9amhussle” and throwing Sunday Service parties, every Sunday in New York City. I had the pleasure of interviewing Ella and reminding her of her best friend. With our ongoing loud laughs, she gives us an insight about who she is and share input on what it means to be a 25-year-old woman in this industry. Ella Hussle is a motivation to us women, as she seeks to grow and learn.

How does it feel being selected as one of the women being showcased in our new column “WWW”?

Honestly, I feel it is dope. Women who are supporting [one another]? I definitely want to be the face of that. Girls can support each other and [there] not be a problem. Every time we come together, it doesn’t have to be a fight or a competition. We can all be in the same game and win. So, that’s how I feel about that.

To you, what defines a woman and how does being a woman make you feel?


That’s a good question. I don’t know — but to be honest maybe [it is] because I just turned 25. I haven’t really felt like a woman per se. I feel like now I am starting to be like: Yo, I am a woman. It feels good because women have a lot of power. A lot of women don’t know that they do, especially being a DJ or a woman in the music industry. Standing up for yourself and showing that you can be respected and people showing you respect? Like, that feels good and people will respect you if you tell them to. Being a woman is one of a kind, and everyone is trying to be[come] a woman. We are super beings. It’s crazy.

Nowadays, you see that women are being called thots even more and more. What’s your opinion towards that? Do you feel it has to do with society or the women themselves?

I think it has to be both. [When I was] growing up that was not really an issue. My mom and I are really close. We talk about sex and everything, so that’s not a problem. As I got older and started doing certain stuff, she would say things now that I think that’s because she’s becoming rude and stuff. I think it has to do with society too. They make all these sexy advertisements but when an artist wants to be sexy, they’ll get criticized. They get a lot of criticism. I am all for Free The Nipple and do what you want to do. You shouldn’t get judged, as long as you protect yourself. You are doing what you want to do, then that’s all that matters. If you want to show your ass, then go girl! I don’t have any negative comments about that. You gotta flaunt it and if you want it, then do it.

How long have you been DJing?

Officially for about a year. I’m still a baby.

What made you want to DJ?

I was always into music. Growing up, my dad would collect records, albums, and all that. Music was always in my house. I went to school for fashion design and once I went to school for that, I realized that’s not what I wanted to do. So, my mom would always be like why don’t you be on the radio or DJ? I would always be into music, like all the time. Every time you wanted to talk about music, a CD came out, or who did this on this song, I was the one to know. Then I also wanted to be in fashion because I like to dress up. About 2-3 years ago when I was in Vegas, I was just bored and dropped out of college. I was like what can I do? I downloaded Virtual DJ and started messing with it. I bought some controllers and started moving up with the controllers, having fun. Watched YouTube videos and started practicing. I think I could do this. I was like: Fuck it! I am going to move to New York and sell my car to become a DJ — to try and make it happen. I am not happy. It’s not going to be a loose situation.

Is your style different than other female DJs?


You are still in the beginning process, right?

Yea. Well yeah, I think I am. You know how some people say you’re not a DJ if you use controllers and stuff? [There are] so many ways to do music. It’s just how you decide to create your art. DJing is an art if you think about it. You’re controlling the crowd because you have that power to control what the crowd is going to do.

The good thing about now is that you can go on YouTube and watch the videos. You can learn so much from them, unlike back in the days.

Yeah, I used to just go to a lot of parties and listen to the DJs. Not even dance and just listen to them play. Now every time I go, I just listen to their mix and how they blend it. Take mental notes and embed it in my head. I can’t go out and enjoy.

Are there any female DJs that you admire at the moment?

Venus X. She’s hella dope. Especially how she became a DJ, and how she is self-taught and [threw] her own parties. Now, she is traveling all over. That’s dope because she is not necessarily your conventional DJ. I mean like, she probably grew up around people that DJ and do music. She’s someone to look up to and that’s kind of the avenue that I am going towards. Making a whole new trend out of something you just love doing. I would say, Venus X and Jasmine Solano. Those two are my favourite right now. It’s dope because they’re women. I’ve been around them. Like, I don’t know them but they seem [to be] down-to-earth and sweet people. It’s cool to see that.

Do you think that as woman in the industry, it takes more work to make a name for yourself?

Hell yeah! There have been times when I am DJing or about to and guys are like: Do you know what you are doing? Do you need help? I’m pretty sure they’re joking, but there are times that you take offense, like what do you mean? But then you can flip it, and just ignore it. Just play and kill a set. Then they come back and say: Oh, she does know what she’s doing. It is just how you look at things, and I just try to be optimistic. Prove them wrong. It’s only hard if you let it get hard. It’s probably like any other job, and a woman is [usually] dominated by men.

I say it is hard in the music industry. Even for me, when it comes to writing because it’s like, you always have to prove yourself. You need to go the extra mile.

There is nothing wrong with that.

It’s always a good thing — when you enjoy it.



Recently, I saw that you’re friends with BOSCO How is it hanging with BOSCO as a friend?

Yeah, that’s my homegirl and she recently dropped her EP. She’s hella dope. I’ve known her for a little over a year when I moved out here. Randomly at a Heineken party, we exchanged numbers. We became friends after that. She’s so cool.

You mentioned to me, how you’re all about empowering women and supporting. Is there anything you do to contribute in supporting women?

Ella: Right now my fellow DJ homegirls and I are working on starting a collective called ‘9amhussle’. It will be all women performing, djing, and all women artist working. Other than that it’s something I want to work on and get myself involved in. I haven’t looked into it here in New York about supporting women but definitely will.

“9amhussle” is that just DJ’s or what is it?

It will be all female DJs. We want to start a podcast and do other things that women aren’t really doing together.

That’s a good thing because we need something new. We need some more of that with women being more united.

We have a BBQ coming up with an all-women lineup. We are trying to do more stuff like that. It’s not like we are excluding men, but we want to bring more women together to show that we can. Like, there are not that many showing all of the women qualities and all [of] their talents.

True. We don’t get much of the upcoming women being showcased. Like, we don’t really know about them unless you do your research.

I remember that before I even became a DJ, I was looking up women. There weren’t a lot of women producers but now there [are] women DJs. Before if you searched “Women DJs,” it would be an article from like 4-5 years ago. That’s one of the reasons why I need to do something.

The mix that you dropped, “Daylight Marauder,” was it something that you were working on?

It’s actually a funny story about that mix. I spent a whole two days researching songs and I took my time with it. Then, SoundCloud wouldn’t let me upload it at all. So, one day I was bored and I was on and I just started doing that with songs. Then, I just made a mix out of that. That’s how that came about. I did prepare for it, but it wasn’t the mix that came out on SoundCloud. However, I blame it on Mercury Retrograde because my computer is acting up and deleted the whole mix. I don’t have it anymore. Like I spent two days! It came out on Soundcloud and people like it. The original one didn’t happen, but maybe it was meant to be.

Yes, the whole Mercury Retrograde has me all moody. I be forgetting things, and it’s just crazy. People be acting mad slow! Is there anyone you are crushing on at the moment?

Yeah, Dom Kennedy. like I love him. That’s my favourite artist and he is so fine. Someone local? Nah. Just Dom Kennedy, and maybe he can reach out to me. I can be his DJ.

Like, holla at me Dom. Get at me. Our Editor loves Dom Kennedy. Like, she is so in love with him.

I’m a Dom fan. Like, a real Dom fan.


I’m going to send you some Dom Kennedy bedsheets, and have his face on your pillow case. That’s how you know it’s real.

Both laugh extremely loud.

What kind of guys or girls are you into?

If you ask anyone that question, they would be like light skinned with a beard and tall. Yeah, that’s my type but I don’t know. I like the quiet dudes on the corner that don’t really talk. That don’t say too much. Like, I am loud. I talk loud. I have green hair, and I’m obnoxious. I don’t need someone else to be obnoxious with me. That’s what I am interested in, and always looking for the guy that is on the side.

Do you have any advice to someone that wants to date you?

Be very cautious and patient. I am not patient but you should be with me. It’s hard. I’ve been single for a long time and I’m 25, so I know I don’t have any patience. I’m still young but I don’t know why I keep saying that. 25-years-old is still young.

When you hear “GrungeCake,” what comes to mind?

I think of Madonna or Courtney Love and how they used to dress. Madonna, when she first came out. She still looks good.

Yeah, and she still thinks she is 21-years-old.

I’m going to work it like her at that age.

Well, it was fun doing this interview with you and laughing.

It was not that bad, as I had to do an interview before and they had me writing answers. I was just like: I’m going to send it and you can do the spell check.


The interview was fun, and thank you.

I need to say that out of all the interviews that I’ve done thus far for GrungeCake, this has been the funniest interview. Ella Hussle is not to be slept on. Make sure you check my girl’s music, parties, and upcoming projects. Fuck with her!

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Written by Manny King John

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