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NYC singer, WUMXNN shares their new visual for single, ‘Come Thru’: Watch

Photo: Jay Bourdier

WUMXNN, who identifies as “they”, is shooting their shot all 2020 with this lusty new video for their single, ‘Come Thru’. It’s a song off their 2019 project, ‘Heartships’. The intoxicating visual teleports you to The Playroom, where WUMXNN can be seen playing spin the bottle with three gorgeous acquaintances called, The Kittens. As they lock lips under the bright pink and red lights, WUMXNN seduces the listener with a tale about their romantic pursuits.

As the night goes on and the liquor bottle empties, WUMXNN lays in bed, sporting red lingerie, asking for their crush to, ‘Come Thru’. Just when you think the sonic orgasm is over, WUMXNN teases a heartfelt track entitled, ‘Lovers’. I don’t know about ya’ll, but when I get a “come thru” text at 2 AM, I oblige.

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  1. I love it aal have talent. Cuzzo Melissa Mendez you are amazing. Proud of you always. God Bless you and your talent. Marisol.M

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