Worth The Watch: This Documentary About Fashawn’s Life Is Unmatched

When it comes to being a successful artist, one must have a strong team around them. Through that team, any obstacle and adversities that lies ahead can be easily conquered. Recently, Fresno rapper Fashawn released a short documentary about his life and it’s inimitable. With a divine cosign from Nas and being mentored by Evidence from Dilated Peoples, Fashawn has grown into an emcee that some believe to be in the ranks of today’s elite rappers. Fashwn has a strong team surrounding him and that is clearly shown in this documentary.


For this documentary to be named The Ecology, which is also the name of his new album, Fashawn wanted to show the environment that made him and how his interactions provided motivation for his material. Luckily, Fashawn didn’t become a product of his environment and he fought through troubled times. The chilling document starts off with an insightful interview with Fashawn’s mother. In it, she gives insight to her drug addiction, her city and motherhood.

Going back to having a strong team, the documentary also features interviews with some of Fashawn’s relatives, producer Exile and his manager Aren Hakimian. Based on what they’ve shared, you’ll feel like you’re apart of the rapper’s journey. This mini-documentary is great for Fashawn’s fans and great for anybody that is interested in his music. It’s definitely worth the watch.

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