Worth the Watch: Curtiss King pokes fun at rap relations in new video series

Rappers say the darndest things don’t they? In ‘Shit Rappers Say To Producers,’ Curtiss King provides comical scenarios, upstart rappers would approach producers for beats. Every producer has definitely been approached by rappers who may act like they’re serious about paying for beats but they aren’t. One may think that everything Curtiss says is exaggerated (maybe a little for comedic reasons) but it isn’t too far-fetched. In reality, these rappers aren’t serious and it’s the reason producers include “serious inquires only” in their social media accounts and websites. With a cup from Carl’s Jr. (Hardees for the East Coast folks), he hilariously plays the part of those rappers producers love to hate.

On ‘Shit Producers Say To Rappers’, Curtiss King flips the script in a role reversal of his first video. Back with the Carl’s Jr. cup, he portrays a beatmaker, not even a producer, who pursues established rappers.

Everyone wants to be on the radio, so if you got a chance to meet a radio programmer for a popular station, what would you say? Curtiss sheds light in a funny way with ‘Shit Rappers Say To Radio DJs’, visiting Inland Empire’s Q104.7 radio station. Sipping on the Carl’s Jr. cup, Curtiss desperately tries to get DJ Chris Loos to give him airplay.


Written by Manny King John

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