5 reasons why you should listen to Wondaland Artists

Wondaland is a strong collective of artists

Wondaland is a strong collective of artists.

Wondaland Records is a new label led by Janelle Monáe. It’s filled with a group of individuals who write, play instruments and produce their own music. Wondaland Arts Society started out as the brand Monáe first put out her independent EPs. Now with critically-acclaimed albums much success and respect, she can release the music of her creative cohorts. The first offering off the label is a compilation titled ‘The Eephus’ featuring music from all of the artists – Jidenna, Deep Cotton, St Beauty and Roman GianArthur – on the label.


Jidenna is an artist from many places. He was born in Wisconsin, lived in – Nigeria, Boston, South Central, the Bay Area and now is based in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. After listening and viewing the music video for his single ‘Classic Man’ his distinct approach to Hip-Hop is evident.


Deep Cotton consists of Nate ‘Rocket’ Wonder and Chuck Lightning. Since the beginning, you could spot them rolling around with Janelle Monáe, performing and making cameos in music videos like ‘Tightrope. These two are carrying on the tradition of Funk legends like George Clinton and Parliament, all while blending various other genres.


St Beauty features a beautiful duo made up of Alex Belle on lead vocals and Isis Valentino on guitar and bass, also providing background vocals. With a powerful voice and eclectic sound, these women will be a deadly force.


Roman GianArthur is an individual who was on a separate path. Before getting to work with Monae on her debut album, he was a student studying to be a doctor. Now, he’s making music influenced by Radiohead and D’Angelo.

The Wondaland collective is very strong. Usually, when a big artist like Monáe starts a label, there’s always a few weak acts signed who’ll never see a release date. That’s not the case here. Being on Wondaland is just icing on the cake for these extremely talented artists who should be making history in no time.

Written by Manny King John

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