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Women’s History Month: NOW-NYC

You can’t really talk about Women’s History Month without recognizing the long-standing organizations that continue to fight for the rights of women everywhere. While we have indeed “come a long way baby”, there is still lots of work to be done in terms of fighting for women’s rights and equality. NOW-NYC, the founding chapter of NOW (National Organization of Women), is indeed a mother of such organizations. One could say that since its beginning in 1966, women’s issues have evolved and have arguably become somewhat more complex. However the goal of NOW-NYC has remained the same: To champion the causes of women and “create a culture where America’s most valuable untapped resource-women- can succeed in all realms.”


NOW-NYC recognizes that within a culture where women can succeed, laws need to be put in place where their rights are protected, they are economically empowered and are ultimately safe. Therefore, they are not and have never been shy when it comes to making their voice heard about any controversial issue regarding women’s rights. Their Women’s Equality Act Team actively lobbies and communicates with legislators and businesses to recognize and support women’s issues such as reproductive rights, equal pay, human trafficking and discrimination. Recently, they have been very vocal about their stance against the insurance coverage corporations like Hobby Lobby and Eden Foods have concerning birth control. They also won’t go quietly when it comes to taking to task the NFL on how it has recently handled domestic abuse issues within its organization and are demanding the resignation of the NFL Commissioner. Whereas in 1966, they were mostly taking it to the streets and hand-signing petitions, NOW-NYC is still not only in these streets but they are on your TV’s, phones, and online pushing for advocacy in the name of feminism.

In addition to its political impact, NOW-NYC also offers a variety of referrals and direct services for women. Through their NOW-NYC Service fund, women can get legal help when it comes to housing, police misconduct, and citizenship and immigration matters. These services and referrals also aid in literacy programs, cancer services, financial aid, domestic violence and LGBTQI issues.

For more about NOW-NYC, just click here.

Written by Manny King John

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