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The Womack Sisters usher in sound from the past with “Darling”

Photo: Royal Binion

Ushering in soulful sounds of the 70’s into today’s Rhythm and Blues, The Womack Sisters deliver a message of woman’s empowerment by way of their new single “Darling.”


The Womack Sisters
Photo: Royal Binion


omething for all of the senses, The Womack Sisters’ sweetly seductive vocals preach of a woman scorned. Lyrics of a lost lover and the discovery of one’s self-worth combine with a nice groovy bassline, giving us a play by play of what Mr. Right did to become Mr. Wrong. “Darling” is an upbeat, fun-loving tune. Subsequently, its dance-worthy rhythm and beautiful vocals leave an impression on you.

The Womack Sisters were born with platinum in their blood. Cecil and Linda Womack, world-renowned artist of Womack & Womack, are the parents to these young prodigies in the making. And with names like legendary Bobby Womack and Sam Cooke in their family tree, this trio of Soul sisters’ musical magic is destiny.

Breathing a new life into old school Soul, the ladies of The Womack Sisters — Zeimani, Kuchua, and BG — have vocals that marry together in such beautiful harmony; Comparable to the iconic girl groups such as The Marvelettes, Sister Sledge, and The Supremes. The music video for “Darling” will throw you into a time machine and drop you off somewhere in between the 1960’s and 1970’s (during the iconic Motown era). The big hair, the sparkly dresses, and the synchronized dance moves are the perfect matches to make this single the perfect homage to the old school.

All things considered, the Los Angeles-based trio has a long standing in the music industry. Working alongside greats like Annie Lennox, Ozzy Osbourne, and Rolling Stone, they are assumed to create. They are assumed to perfect their sound in little to no time. The Womack Sisters are here, with talented vocal skills, beauty, and grace. These ladies are ready to shimmy their way into your heart and onto your playlists too.


Written by Manny King John

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