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Premiere: Chicago rapper Woes shares ‘Fly on the Wall’, a song for a former lover

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Chicagoan, Woes, has coined a rep for being a wordsmith as demonstrated by songs like ‘Grandkids’. It’s the poetic approach. Each line… thoughtful and extremely decorative. His intentions are felt and manifested, as seen in the toe-tapping of his listeners. I found myself head nodding to his song in a slightly different way than usual. As if my nods were in agreement with his words.

Woes raps, I try to laugh it off cuz I’m fucking tired of crying/when you’re alive the only solution in mind is dying.

Many of us have been there; some of us reside there. Burdened and lonely. It’s nice to have a wordsmith here to tell our stories, for us, when or if we don’t have the words to articulate them for ourselves! Check out ‘Fly on the Wall’, the latest release by Woes featuring production by Vikaden. He doesn’t appointment!


Written by Gregoire Sex

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