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Wizards vs Aliens Makes U.S. Debut on “The Hub” Network

Wizards vs Aliens

Latterly, The Hub has embraced fun, action-packed shows geared toward children from across the ocean. Aptly, among the few is the British sensation “Wizards vs Aliens” starring Scott Haran and Percelle Ascott, whom we interviewed below:

Well, what is Wizards vs Aliens? It is a science fantasy television series aimed at children produced by BBC Wales and Fremantle Media Enterprises. In proper Saturday cartoon fashion, it debuts on its new home The Hub on June 1 at 7PM EST. Check your local listings to tune in and join the battle. We’ve even included a trailer for your viewing pleasure. For more information, visit The Hub’s website.

We are honored to be apart of this promotion as only reputable news sources like New York Times, Yahoo, and the Hollywood Reporter covered.


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