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Will The New Apple Beats Music Streaming Service Cost Less Than Spotify & TIDAL?

The new Apple Beats music streaming service to cost less than Spotify & TIDAL

So far, the latest Apple news shows how it might beat out its competitors Spotify and TIDAL. Apple is ready to launch a Beats-based Music streaming service. There aren’t any concrete details about the full-on details on what will be included in this service. We are speculating that it will feature Beats Music mixes and playlists. Apple may even speak about their partnership with Beats Music at the annual WWDC developers event taking place on June 8, 2015.

The word is that Apple Beats Music streaming service will cost less than Spotify & TIDAL at $5-$8 a month, compared to $19.99 over at TIDAL. Who knows if that will be the actual price or that it will be lower than Spotify & TIDAL? This brings more of a competition. At this moment, I’m fine with Spotify but I do want to see what will be the difference once Apple Beats Music streaming service launches.

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