5@5: A morning playlist featuring Will Fox and Fell Runner

Discover five new songs by artists you’ve probably never heard of until now.

Photo: Courtesy of the publicist


Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

Neon Dreams – about you… (Submission)

Neon Dreams’ ‘about you…’ video and song come off as a beautifully constructed piece of visual art, containing many lyrical and visual metaphors. The video hosts the artist within a dream where it’s only him in the vast wilderness, where he sees, his “baby” and the issues that he caused her, causing her to lose herself, through the perspective of trees and other pieces of nature. He affirms her that he is thinking about her, even when the rain comes down. The artistic nature of this song, adds to the many reasons to check this song out!

The High Divers – Ride With You (Submission)

The Charleston, SC. rock band, The High Divers, release their single ‘Ride WIth You’. As the drums knock and the guitar is strummed, you feel the passion of the band as they explore an escape from the feeling of emptiness. The cure for this is simply getting away, and to the person of their interest, they don’t care where they end up, as love as they are riding with them. A strong vocal presence and instrumentation. Take a listen!

Will Fox – Waiting (Submission)

Will Fox releases the visual for ‘Waiting’. The song is eerie, with beautiful instrumentation, which enhances the nature of the visual. Throughout a barn area, the artist strums his guitar strings and sings throughout different settings, by a tree, by a stream, the night sky and at one point seated in front a herd of black cows. The song is an examination of self, and the changes he wants to make in himself and in his subject. A smooth listen, be sure to check it out!

ViVii – Fibromyalgia (Submission)

ViVii releases their single ‘Fibromyalgia’, which is a smooth yet exciting record. The song’s message is simple, and beautiful with the goal of continuing on in life, with letting love shine, even with the risk of what can happen. The duo’s vocals and the production gives a comforting feeling of unfiltered love to listeners.

Fell Runner – Come Home (Submission)

Fell Runner expresses a longing for a loved one on their song ‘Come Home’. The song expresses space in relationships are good, because it’s important to have time alone, but it’s always better to have your person present with you than only getting to hear them over the phone. Wishing and longing for his lady, the lead singer paints the positives, but highlights the the negatives of their separation due to distance. A beautiful performance vocally, and great listen.


Written by Manny King John

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