7@7: An evening playlist featuring Wil Akogu, Boo Shaka, and more

This 7@7 evening playlist consists of Wil Akogu, Boo Shaka, Teen Ravine, and more.

This 7@7 evening playlist consists of Wil Akogu, Boo Shaka, Teen Ravine, and more.


Wil Akogo
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Wil Akogu – IDOL (Submission)

I like music that exudes high energy and passion. Chicago’s Wil Akogu praises the Lord on his latest record, “IDOL”. It isn’t Christian or Gospel Rap because there are curse words in the lyrics, but it does recall the Christian way of thinking. If you are a young praiser, I think you will appreciate what the Nigerian-born recording artist is doing.

Pistachio Gods – New Cat (Submission)

From the looks of it, a woman double-crossed a friend with their cousin. Therefore, he wants to be with someone new. We don’t blame him.

Lou Raw – Reminisce featuring Adrian Javon (Submission)

Love is complex. Have you ever dated someone who lived a fast, violent lifestyle? It doesn’t end well—even if we want to act like it doesn’t. As he dwells behind bards, Lou Raw wonders if the woman he left behind thinks about him—and the good times. Watch the telling video below.

Boo Shaka – Shake It to the Ground featuring Iris Gold (Submission)

Everything about “Shake It to the Ground” reminds me of my childhood! If you’re into breakdancing, the glory of the 1980s, and the early eletronic beats of said time, you will love the blast from the past. It also shows Iris Gold’s incredible vocal diversity. Check out the new tune.

Mr Ekow – Heart of the Matter (Submission)

On a rooftop in Europe, Mr Ekow shares a story about love. We used to have a radio show based in Croydon. By the hook, different perceptions come together to state their thoughts on one of the most layered things we experience as humans.

The Earflower Experiment – Drifiting (Submission)

“Drifiting” is a nostalgic, familiar record that speaks on death, the devil, and darkness. Moreover, it is inspired by losing a loved one in an accident and wanting to meet them; to feel a sense of freedom from the agony. I think most people can relate.

Teen Ravine – Hall of Horrors (Submission)

Six months ago, I reviewed the Dream Pop duo’s breakup track. As eerie as the lyrics of the song could be, I think we’ve all been there. Either as the person who is trying to reach out, or the person who is being sought after by an intense lover.

JES, Joonas Hahmo & JS16 – The One (Submission) (Bonus)

Are you geared up for festival season? “The One” is bound to put you in that spirit. Stream the track below. Then, lie to my face and tell me that you don’t see a crowd of PLUR families pumping their fists. It’s one of the best musical communities to be amid when watching performances.

Hidden Hospitals – Liars (Submission) (Bonus)

Lying, the act of speaking untruthfully with the intention to mislead might be one of the most recurrent experiences nearly all humans can bond over. Who hasn’t lied or has been on the receiving end of a lie? In Hidden Hospitals latest song, the Chicagoan rockers address the complexities of love and relationships.

The vocalist—Dave Raymond—says the following on the record: Love is deranged—and fear’s a crutch. It’s correct. We tend to remain in unfair unions.

When the music comes on, it made me think of “Fireflies”, the debut single by Owl City, but the sexy breakdown toward the end of the record has to feel liberating in a performance setting. The title track is the latest record from their forthcoming album. The album will be out May 18.

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