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WifisFuneral’s ‘Ethernet 2’ contrasts uneasy subject matter with uptempo production: Listen

WifisFuneral (Weef) shared his new EP ‘Ethernet 2’ three days after announcing its release date on Twitter. He delivers fierce bars over the gritty Lo-Fi production style that South Florida rap is known for since his beginnings with DJ Scheme. The track ‘No Trust’ maintained that style with deep vibrating bass, consistent blaring high hats, and a quick bursting flow from Weef. A similar pattern occurs in ‘30For30’, which Al Benji completely spazzes out on the mic with Weef, complementing his raw lyricism. A majority of this project’s production is melodic and dream-like, which allows Weef to slow it down a bit and tell a story about his struggles with inner-demons and drug use.

When it is all said and done, he lets listeners know his past mistakes now fuel a desire to get rich quick. On ‘Run’, he questions the purpose of his new successful life while still dealing with the same problems as before. The lead lyrics for the hook are run away from the past and face my demons. However, the beat is uplifting. That is what makes this song interesting and also sets a tone for the rest of the project. Despite darker themes presented in the lyrics, which Weef is known for, a lot of these songs are genuinely fun.

Not to take away from the pain expressed in the tracks ‘WYA Pt 2’ and ‘I Really Hate Pills’, Weef reveals he pops pills as a form of escapism. ‘Ethernet 2’ contrasts uneasy subject matter with uptempo production within various methods of delivery.

Written by Marcel Briseno

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