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What Happens When You Fail Adobe Certification Exams?

Failing is obviously not the goal that you have in mind when you face your Adobe Certification Exams, but it can happen. So what happens when failing happens? This will be a discussion of the most common questions and concerns that test takers have about failing Adobe Certification Exams.

Do You Receive A Refund?

If you happen to fail your Adobe cert exam, will you receive a refund? The simple answer is no. You are paying for the opportunity to take the exam, and what happens when you take it is on you. There are no refunds if you fail, so use this as more motivation to pass the first time you take your Adobe Certification Exam.

Can You Retake The Exam?

You can retake the exam with the study guide from ExamTrace if you fail, so don’t think that one failed exam is the end of everything. You will be able to try your hand at the exam again 14 days later, so you don’t even have to wait that long to take it again. Also, you are permitted 3 tries at an exam a year, and you will be paying each time for each new try.

Do You Get To See The Questions You Got Wrong?

Adobe closely guards the secrets of its certification exams, so you do not get to see the questions that you got wrong. That would be releasing some of the questions from the exam which would help to make the exam easier than it should be. But don’t think that they use the same exact exam every time because they don’t do that.

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