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5@5: A morning playlist featuring Westover and Mini Trees

This 5@5 morning playlist consists of Keith Johns, Pell, Locos Por Juana, and more.


Keith Johns – Hold On to Me (Submission)

As a woman, or a human being really, you should have the experience of waking up next to someone who cares deeply for you. There’s a sense of security there that isn’t available elsewhere. Human-to-human intimacy is unmatched. That’s how Miami. Florida-based Folk singer-songwriter Keith Johns’ new song ‘Hold On to Me’ makes me feel. If you’re not fortunate to be in love right now, the record may bring you a little closer.

Westover – Rich (Submission)

If love equated to money, I’d be filthy rich. That’s why dreams are so comforting; Lots of us would much rather live in our minds than out of it. Westover wrote a record inspired by the first year of marriage. They were broke, but it was full of love. Who could hate on that type of love?

Mini Trees – Dust (Submission)

‘Dust’, what can I say? According to the artist, it is “a coming-of-age song. It is about the realisation that you and your framework for how you understand life can change drastically with time. It confesses the fear of not knowing who you are and the naivete of thinking you have it all figured out.”

It’s the second track from her forthcoming EP ‘Steady Me’, coming out this week. A month ago, we had the pleasure of premiering ‘Steady Trees’, a song that helped me to find peace.

Pell – Bitch Ass (Submission)

There’s something in the water in New Orleans. Historically, the area has produced some of the world’s most creative musicians, of various significant genres. So, to find out that Pell is from there, it isn’t a surprise. The rapper-producer just released a one-take visual for a new track of his called, ‘Bitch Ass’. Have a look at the compelling video.

Locos Por Juana – Don’t Tell Me No featuring Freddie McGregor (Submission)

To have a legend from another era is always an honour and delight to come to pass. So, when I saw that Freddie McGregor is on a record with Locos Por Juana, I had to check it out. Others have worked with legends; it doesn’t always sound good. Fortunately, ‘Don’t Tell Me No’ keeps the level of quality up there. Stream the audio for now, as they work to release the official video in the coming weeks.

Jitwam – busstop (Submission) (Bonus)

I did not enjoy the song as much as the cinematography, but the visual is something worth watching. If you have yet to travel to an international front, Jitwam’s new visual might inspire you.


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