Harmonious hums: The Western Den display their musical soulmate status on ‘Like You Do’

They refer to one another as musical soulmates.


The Western Den
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

If I had the gift of recording like The Western Den, I’d want to emulate them like most people serve up the flattery to Future. As simple as earlier styles of music were, ‘Like You Do’ allows one to keep focus to hear the story shared. Every word is hearable. It could be that way because of the duo’s synergy in the creative capacity. They refer to one another as musical soulmates. What makes the union even better is that they’ve never consciously set out to form a band.

The origin story of the hauntingly beautiful duo The Western Den is wonderfully curious in just this way: Deni Hlavinka, an introspective pianist from small-town Virginia, posted a song idea on a college forum for accepted students. Chris West, a bright-eyed guitarist from Bermuda, sent back the song the following day in finished form. Upon meeting in person, they discovered their musical—and personal—bond was eerily close; there was never a discussion of forming a band, never a conscious choice, it just happened, fueled by a sheer desire, a necessity to pursue what felt right.

We’re glad that the two able to create because we’d be without one of our favourite bands. The harmony these two omit is undeniable. Help us to spread the word about The Western Den. Listen to the latest release from their album ‘A Light Left On’.

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