#10NewRecords to get you through the week: 6 (WESLEE, Tree Thomas)

This week’s #10NewRecords list consists of Benny Mayne, Ghalil & Kopus, WESLEE, Tree Thomas and more.

This week’s #10NewRecords list consists of Benny Mayne, Ghalil & Kopus, WESLEE, Tree Thomas and more.


Photo: Courtesy of the artists

Benny Mayne – Bounce

It’s like an SFW melodic remake of an explicit Luke, or a 2 Live Crew record. I don’t think I’d want to make a baby to the fusion R&B track when the lyrics state she is not the one, but someone else can take the shot. I’m sure there’s someone out there who would get a kick out of it. Stream Benny Mayne’s debut single, “Bounce”, below. His name is stylized as “benny bounce” along with the titles of his music; lowercase letters are his thing.

Ghalil & Kopus – Silhouette

How does music from Cameroon sound? Well, to be honest, as an American, it is a no-brainer. Most Hip-Hop, from all over the world, follows the trend of what’s happening in the States. The same is evident about Cameroonian artists Ghalil & Kopus’ new track entitled, “Silhouette.” I won’t sit here and tell you that I enjoyed all parts of the song. I didn’t. However, I thought it was more important to show others that they are influential in ways they cannot fathom. Check out the track below.

Prince Wiser – Different

The Bronx is on fire right now, and my statement has no relation to the tragedy that recently happened leaving multiple people dead. Sonically and vocally, the track “Different” brings me back to an early 90s Wu Tang (production wise) and the spirit of ODB (vocally) seeps through. I’d say the hook has the trendy trap breaks, nonetheless, allowing us to dance to the music. Stream the record below. It’s from his latest extended play entitled, “No Sound in the Jungle.”

Tree Thomas – Change Your Mind

Using lyrics from Jaheim’s “Just In Case” to make his point, Tree Thomas sings about a woman changing her mind about her boyfriend for him. Hasn’t he heard? You lose them how you get them? Check out the new single produced by DJ J12 below. It’s a Summer record, but they put it out into the world now. I love when new artists give a record time to grow legs.

Hilaire – Loved and Lost

Whenever I hear songs like this it makes me wonder who raised the men that will live on forever in the lyrics? Unfortunately, just about every girl, lady, or woman has felt this way in her lifetime. Stream the Los Angeles-based artist’s new track, “Love and Lost” below.

The Funk Hunters – Turn Down the Silence featuring DiRTY RADiO

If you’re looking for an Electro Pop ‘turn up’, The Funk Hunters have you covered. Stream the Canadian multi-dimensional duo’s latest track “Turn Down the Silence” featuring DiRTY RADiO below. It is intended to bud a Summer romance. Contact us in another six months. Let us know if it worked!

Luca Testa & Kom – Balenciaga

How could you not two-step when you hear this song? I dare you. Hear the enthralling new club-ready hit infusing old-school House and Electro vibes. Come on. Get started. You’re going to love how much calouries you burn on the dancefloor.

San Honoré – PC

I have no idea where this artist is from or what he/they look like, but “PC” sounds like something I would hear in an underground skateboarding video. Not many people know this, but I have a love for Harold Hunter, so I’d imagine he would have liked it, or one of his younger proteges would use the track in a kick flip or ollie clip. Therefore, I decided to give it some love. Check out San Honoré’s new track below.

WESLEE – Tongue Tied

It has been a while since I’ve heard a song with a vocalist who sounds like her. Have you ever been tongue tied? I can’t say that I can remember a time, but I’ve fallen in love with someone who made me nervous. I guess that would be ‘butterflies’. Anyway, check out the British Contemporary R&B duo’s new record below.

Hollywood YC – New Wave featuring Paid N Full Rocky

Made to easily enter a Rich Gang playlist, Atlanta-based rapper Hollywood YC teams up Paid N Full Rocky to make a song about being paid, women they’ve been with, and people who throw shade at them. After all of the music we’ve heard, it looks like humans will never stop ‘hating’ on someone else. Nor will humans feel bad about being successful, or financially free. Watch the new video below.

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