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5@5: A morning playlist featuring WESLEE and Michael O

This 5@5 morning playlist consists of WESLEE, Tia Gostelow, Michael O, and more.

Photo: Courtesy of the artists
Photo: Courtesy of the artists

WESLEE – Somebody (Submission)

WESLEE, easily one of my favourite new duos, is back with a fresh song about mainly one-night stands. It sultry sweet vocals bring the production to life, to tell the unique ‘love’ story. Based on the lyrics, some choice words used are ‘lies,’ ‘admit,’ and ‘pretend.’ We are not perfect, but the way we handle each other—in relationships—has to get better. Sidebar: Is it me or does the person who desires a platonic relationship, usually end up wanting more? Displaying indecisiveness with your guard up, and then, wanting to disarm yourself leaves the other person confused. These are the kinds of life experiences that keep you awake, thinking until the morning.

‘Somebody’ is one of seven songs from the Contemporary R&B group’s new EP. ‘9F’ was released on June 8. Stream the delectable body of music through the following link. Lastly, if I am not mistaken, the producer sampled ‘About You’ by XXYYXX.

Tia Gostelow – Strangers featuring LANKS (Submission)

Emitting the stuff that makes a hit record, Australian singer-songwriter Tia Gostelow shares ‘Strangers’. The song is from her debut album, set to release this Fall. Complementing each other’s voices, LANKS comes in to add the part about having the covers pulled off of you in the bed. It seems to be the thing that men face when in bed with a significant other. Because of its warm melody, I wouldn’t mind hearing this song play in the morning as I sit, think, and plan how the rest of my year will be.

Michael O – Umbrella (Submission)

It’s time to get up! How could you not want to dance to Nigerian singer-songwriter Michael O’s ‘Umbrella’? Synonymous with the infectious chart-topping single—by Rihanna featuring JAY Z—originally written for Britney Spears, the Afrobeat artist finds his inspiration from the ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ album cut. Is it me or does this song sound like it is supposed to have a distinct dance? We’ll see if any appear in the official music video, set to come out soon. As you listen to the singer’s voice, I cannot help but think about falling deeply in love, but I must be careful. It’s the Summertime—and everyone is choosing. I mean, who doesn’t want to be sheltered by a human umbrella?

Ga-Nu – Wandering Soul (Ink Project Remix) (Submission)

Have you ever lied on your back with your nose to the sky? Floating with the current in a boat, As fluid as the water in any given sea, a Philadelphian singer-producer named Ga-Nu opens her latest track, ‘Wandering Soul’ remixed by the Ink Project. It’s not much about the lyrics with this song. The ambience gives off everything it needs to.

Rohmilly – Bless Me Baby featuring Tory Lanez (Submission)

For the Dancehall/Reggae fans out there, Rohmilly blessed us with a new record featuring famed musician Tory Lanez. ‘Bless Me Baby’ is a track that I’d listen to the danceable record as I get dressed to head to the office. It’s the right record to play when you’re looking to have your blood circulating. Listen to the vivacious track below.

Written by Richardine Bartee

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