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Wendy Williams goes off on Nicki Minaj about husband Kenneth Petty: ‘You should have never married him’

Photo: People

On a Tuesday episode of The Wendy Show, host Wendy Williams ended the show with some hot takes on rapper Nicki Minaj and her embattled husband Kenneth Petty, the latter being fresh off an arrest for failing to register as a sex offender in California. Willams took some time to speak directly to Minaj, stating ‘You should’ve never married him, because now you’ve ruined everything about what your brand could be, again. You’re never gonna stand a chance when you’re with a man who pulls a knife at rape point… a molester… a registered sex offender.’

It isn’t the first time Wendy Williams commented on Nicki Minaj’s marriage. Last November, the two had a war of words over Wendy Williams’ maligning of Petty.

*Minaj has yet to respond to Williams’ latest comments.

*The Wendy Williams Show will not have a live-studio audience until further notice.

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