Watch: Wynter Gordon’s “Bleeding Out”

Wynter Gordon is reintroducing herself with a new direction of music. Yes, we all love the Pop / Electronic based vocals, but now the flower is starting to blossom. Five Needle goes in many emotional rifts that occur when love is involved. She is showcasing true artistry in exposing inner-thoughts. From happiness to heartbreak, invisibility to reality is no longer a surreal moment.


Now that the record is complete, “Bleeding Out” is the first visual to begin the storyline. The video is filled with minimal elements. Rather than creating an environment that is not honest to the state of mind, it’s just the individual (Wynter Gordon) and the lens (Anthony Leonardi III). Yet, symbolism is heavy with objects such as a rose, trees, the classic black / white backdrop and styling, climate changes, and slow-medium movements in camera angles. You can definitely tell this is an introduction into womanhood, as you begin to follow the ups and downs of knowing self, the psychology of others, and overall perspective of the four letter word. We support this new shift in her intuitive state.

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Written by Manny King John


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