Watch: Thelonious Martin’s “Corners Of Your Mind”


Coming from the wonderful land of Chicago is the amazing and gifted talent of Thelonious Martin. I have been digging his production work for a minute now, so I was really excited to review “Corners of Your Mind” off the album, Wünderkid.

As soon as the beat drops and the video starts, I’m in a dreamlike trance state. Then the haunting and sexy vocals of Nylo and KSRA come in and the dream gets a lot better. The video reinforces the trance like state. Thelonious is floating in a meditative pose while making his beats, while a group of amazing kids are innocently, if frenetically, dancing. Are these kids the chaos in our little worlds, do they represent the thoughts we’re supposed to acknowledge and let go when we meditate? Whatever they are, they are having the time of their lives and their innocence and realness is refreshing.

Simon Davis, the director, did his thing with this perfect, if short, video. It left me with nothing but happiness. The next time I’m in a bad mood, sad mood, gray mood, whatever, I’m going straight to “Corners of Your Mind”. It was the the most soulful daydream I’ve had in awhile.

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Written by Manny King John

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