Watch the video for “The Conversation” by Chynna

Chynna’s sound and style are one-of-one and creating your lane are a major key to success.

Chynna Rogers
Photo: Jeff Henrikson

“The Conversation,” her latest release carries a slightly different sound than her earlier tracks. In no way is she trying to be like anyone else; a smart move a lot new artists don’t make. Chynna’s music demands your full attention because you cannot find the same energy anywhere else. As you focus in on this masterpiece flawlessly directed by Tanner Jerman, you notice a few victims of deadly bird attacks (as seen in the classic film “The Birds.”) Chynna is a Philadelphia-native but decided to record the visuals for “The Conversation” all the way in California. The trip was more than worth it, though, Lake Arrowhead’s scenery matches the vibe of this song perfectly.

I would consider this more of a short film than a music video due to the quality of the project; it was put together extremely well. Certainly, Chynna is an artist with a bright future. I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us in 2016.


Written by Manny King John

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