Watch: Samsaya’s “Beginning at the End”

Andrew Paynter

If you are not familiar with Samsaya, then you might want to grab a seat and watch her do her thing. Samsaya has a comeback with her single “Beginning at the End” from her album “Bombay Calling”. The Indian-born Norwegian singer and actress gets personal by revealing personal situations about her life. You can listen to how much Samsaya has developed throughout the years with this recent project. The video is touching in many ways especially, if you are in a complicated-lonely relationship at the moment.

It’s basically viewing the beginning phase of your life while your relationship is ending at the same time. Many can relate to these real-life situations. Samsaya made sure she pushed out everything with pure honesty. The video is very self-explanatory, as each clip plays like a movie, that is ending but beginning. Samsaya’s natural beauty glows in every scene. The heart shape around her eye is one of her rituals that she does when she’s ready to perform. So, this music video is a must-see; remember you’re not alone because it’s the beginning of the end.

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Written by Manny King John

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