Watch: RiFF RAFF & Travis Barker’s “Spazz Out”

RiFF RAFF and Travis Barker have joined forces on the Warped Tour single, “Spazz Out.” The song itself is definitely a more alternative sound for the rapper gone – I am not even sure what you would call this – and this video reflects that. Neon color splashes and RiFF RAFF’s unicorn-colored hair weave, in and out of the frame, the unidentified female protagonist eventually ends up on RiFF RAFF’s tour bus.

All in all the song is fun; the video is a trip down memory lane for the preteens that wore jeans too tight, coon-colored clip ins, and begged their parents to go to Warped Tour (I never won that fight). The constant Monster Energy Drink placements did make me thirsty though.


I, for one, am looking forward to what RiFF RAFF will come out with next. Perhaps a remix, I’m thinking Dolce and Nirvana.


Written by Manny King John


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