Watch: Princess Nokia’s “Young Girls”

Protect the babies.

As music is sonically ever-evolving, as is the message. Little by little we seem to be gaining a resurgence of depth within music. Refreshing artists like Princess Nokia are a testimony of the revival of music and culture as it so stands. Her latest video “Young Girls” gives us a glimpse into her Taino roots and spreads a message of love, unity, self-awareness, and culture. Her aestheticism has a sense of wisdom, culture, beauty, self assurance, and a nostalgic feel to offer us and GrungeCake is totally here for it.

If you’ve yet to dive into the young princess’ EP “Metallic Butterfly,” do yourself a favor and indulge. You can also tune into Know Wave Radio where she conducts a segment “Smart Girl Club” where she discusses everything under the sun. It’s clear that even beyond music, the world needs Princess Nokia.



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