Watch: Phantoms’ “Broken Halo” Featuring Nicholas Braun

Image: Mike Selsky
Image: Mike Selsky
Image: Mike Selsky

Los Angeles duo Phantoms have released their first single and video, “Broken Halo” featuring Nicholas Braun, off their forthcoming 2015 album. The song marks their first single off of their debut album and reveals the kind of dark Pop / Dance music blend that fans can expect to hear on their first full-length LP. The track features uplifting vocals from singer-actor Nicholas Braun, but the lyrics have a darker duality lurking behind them. The single is out for free download now with a video by award-winning director Ace Norton.

    “We wanted to write something with kind of a good vibe, but there’s sort of a darkness to the lyrics if you listen to them. It’s about a guy who’s kind of lost, sort of accepting his place in the world as, you know, not really ever finding love.” – Phantoms

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Written by Manny King John

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