Watch: Pedico’s “You Can’t Get AIDS If You Never Get Tested”

New York Punk Rock band Pedico is best known for their songs about contemporary everyday issues that arise in urban society. With a controversial, in-your-face, classic CBGB feel… Pedico captures the real essence of rebellion and resistance. Their songs “My Girlfriend’s Black…” and “There’s Gonna Be Trouble” and “Write Bread in Puerto Rico” both sound as if it tries to push the envelope… but when you hear their lyrics, you automatically get the jist.

Their video “You Can’t get AIDS if You Never Get Tested” sought to spotlight an epidemic that plagues urban communities. The video to the single depicts a huge hipster summer party… and in the middle of it… the band is singing about AIDS. It was brilliant because through the video, the band does an amazing job of displaying the sheer ignorance that this generation still has about the AIDS epidemic and it ravages through the 18-24 urban demographic the hardest in the United States. What was also amazing about the video was the various safe-sex messages, from the drums to the sun screen… This video was an in-your-face wake up call!

I was highly impressed by this video and I think it’s a clever idea to use such a play on words and visuals to accurately depict issues within this generation! Pedico… Bravo!

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Written by Manny King John

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Shanita Sims

Interview: Shanita Sims