Watch: “Nippon Noir” by Akhil Sesh

Akhil Sesh
Sir Fawn

Noted jack-of-all-trades Akhil Sesh is out with a brief narrative titled “Nippon Noir”. Directed, produced and performed by Akhil Sesh himself, “Nippon Noir” creates many levels to full expression. Captured in a minimalistic way, this short film highlights the juxtapositions of Japanese lifestyles. As soon as you press play, the landscape of the video begins with movements of striking oceanic waves as the scenery. Then as the visual progresses, you are engulfed in multiple perspectives of Shibuya Station and Tokyo City back to peaceful and sacred terrains of Kyoto.

This fashion forward mini clip showcases an environment at a constant speed, with moments of understanding the human psyche. Like many places there are a number of cities and rural areas filled with life. Adding a musical component to the mix, Akhil Sesh’s work caters to all senses.


Written by Manny King John

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