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Watch: Nemo Achida’s “LaLa / Sniffles”

The 88-Keys endorsed Nemo Achida gave us a 2 for 1 with “LaLa” and “Sniffles.” The visuals reek of whiskey and loud. Giving us that raw, kickback feel, reminiscent of 2010 Bushwick. It takes me back to the paradise city of when your new favorite artist, was a friend of a friend. His accessibility and talent shines through heavy. I am totally looking forward to Nemo’s 2015 Spring release, Anti-Hero.

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Written by Sade Wilkins

Sade is an unrepentant super fan of good music and great food. Hard to impress, but always searching for that heat, whether in the kitchen or in the studio. She is Brooklyn's Bon Vivant.