Watch: Natalia Kills’ “Problem”


She gets what she wants

Quite literally, sirens go off as the Rock heavy tune known as “Problem” begins. Natalia Kills is on a mission to be troublesome. In fishnets, a fur and some other interesting fashion numbers, she causes corruption with a sledgehammer which eventually earns her and her accomplice-slash-boyfriend spots in a seemingly cozy police car. It doesn’t seem to bother the problematic duo because they kiss deeply in the mouth in the back of the police car, in cuffs. Now, if that isn’t love, I don’t know what is. Houndstooth, ponytails and random dogs aside, you’re going to love this edgy-sexy video, if you live on the edge.

P.S. If you watch it long enough, you’ll see Natalia in a thong.

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