Watch: Miloh Smith’s “Pretty Dirty” featuring OG Maco

Atlanta-based artist Miloh Smith is out with a dope visual for “Pretty Dirty.” Featuring OG Maco, this track reintroduces androgyny while catering to artsy vibes. Produced by Childish Gambino and Matt Martians, you know the musicians connected on another experimental level. With “Pulp Fiction” setting the tone to her style, diversity in sound is showcased. Directed by Matthew Sherman, lifestyles of a retro love story juxtaposed with hints of solitude is exhibited. Although OG Maco is not physically present in the video, his energy is. Together, they make the perfect blend of the title. From the leopard print robe, inflatable doll, hotel room, missed calls, and hair rollers, the stop-motion edits complete the vocals.


Imagine Beyoncé’s “Why Don’t You Love Me” with Tony Scott’s “True Romance”, and you have this cinematic experience. Known for her laid back / chill aesthetics, she represents women who are icons in the game. From TLC to Brandy, you can expect to hear moments of 90’s nostalgia.

Overall, this is a timeless slow jam over funky / alternative beats. Stay on the lookout for her Free Paige EP out this year.

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Written by Manny King John

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