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Watch: Marie-Christine’s “Port-au-Prince”

In unity, anything is possible.

Marie Christine

Keeping the classic sounds of Haitian music and incorporating what she has learned from American pop and R&B cultures, this Haitian-Canadian singer Marie-Christine is one to watch. What’s to credit? Perhaps, it was her father’s intense love of classical music that prepared her for this path or maybe it was her secret love for pop music. We don’t know but we’re glad she was influenced by some of the greats: Whitney Houston, En Vogue, and Stevie Wonder.


[quote]I just loved the sound of the voices,” she says. “Especially the harmonies of En Vogue. I would spend as much time as I could with the radio pressed to my ear.[/quote]

In search of finding her lover, Marie-Christine finds herself in the birthplace of her parents to seek her one true love. He isn’t elsewhere.

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