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Watch: Lianne La Havas’ “Unstoppable”

Hailing from London, English singer Lianne La Havas wants to let you into her world with her new video, “Unstoppable”. Set in an empty building that looks like it could be utilized as a studio for training of various classical forms of the arts, we see Lianne utilize the space as a way to creatively express herself. While sharing her strong, but calming vocals, the songstress dances her way through the video with a mashed-up air of spirituality and the flair of Sasha Fierce (I could have sworn I saw her bust out into a “Run the World” shoulder bounce at one point).

Balancing between the use of natural and dark lighting to create a refined space that properly exhibits Lianne’s expressive performance art, the singer creates a solo presence reminiscent of Alicia Keys performing with her piano. Showing that she can hold her own, it was nice to see an artist talking about a love interest without actually having to feature said person, but more so just showing how that infatuation can have its affect on someone.

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