Watch: King Fantastic’s “Spooky Spooks And The Trouble With Capitalism”

Known for their innovative and provocative videos, King Fantastic teams up again with director Randal Kirk II on the highly-anticipated, official video for “Spooky Spooks and the Trouble with Capitalism,” from the group’s new album, The Great Man Theory.

The video is a modern day critique of the state of Hip-Hop and Pop culture, featuring a Lil Wayne parody character, played by Vine-famous Jerry Purpdrank, symbolic of the problem at hand. Think Dr. Dre “Dre Day” meets The Roots “What They Do” in 2014, where King Fantastic sums up the influence of capitalism in hip hop and the negative effects that come with it – ie. a corporate-controlled industry manipulating young consumers with a false sense of reality.

Also, featured are a group of Los Angeles’ homeless, reflecting a world where a great percentage of the population is struggling to eat, yet we witness artists setting money on fire and social network feeds littered with images of a “balling” lifestyle, which is obviously not real, and incredibly ridiculous.

How many chains do you need? How many pairs of Jordans do you need? How many Louis Vuitton bags do you need?

“We’re not saying what everyone isn’t already thinking, we’re just the ones saying it,” says Producer-DJ Troublemaker.

Or, as Killer Reese One rhymes poetically in the song, “That’s a minstrel show, while the ones who know, choose which little monkey they can whore next.”

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Written by Manny King John

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